20 Things you start appreciating as a backpacker

Asia, Thoughts and things

img_5603So it’s been almost a month since I started my solo backpacking trip around South East Asia and the other day me and my travel buddy Mel have been walking down the street in Langkawi and went ‘Oh my goodness this street doesn’t smell like sh*t’. And we suddenly realised how many little things we started appreciating which we used to take for granted. Things like…1.Cold showers (or any showers really)

2. Clean t-shirts (which last for about 5min cause you are constantly sweating like a pig)

3. Privacy (as an introvert I need this as I need air)

4. Down time (Travelling isn’t easy, ok! It consists of early morning, late nights, constant planning and budgeting, loads of research and familiarisation)

5. Private rooms and private toilets (for real)

6. Double beds

7. Friends who can dye your hair (Has anyone ever thought how difficult it is to keep your hair red? Like it’s SUPER difficult. Do not do this to yourself!)

8. Texts from your family and friends (Honestly it feels like everyone has forgotten about me…)

9. Good crockery (I mean you get used to plastic plates and plastic cups, but oh god how nice it is to eat from an actual plate, let alone drink wine from an actual wine glass!)

10. Sofas, armchairs and any other comfortable lounge chairs

11. Aircon (Aircon is life)

12. Cold water

13. Fresh Milk (as it’s pretty much non existent in this part of the world)

14. Aftersun (for obvious reasons)

15. Deep sleep

16. Streets that don’t smell like poo (I mean literally)

17. Vegetables (It’s like gold dust over here)

18. Clean bedsheets and duvets

19. Touristy places (and no, I am not taking this back. Cause sometimes all you need to recover, yes recover from travelling, is a touristy place which has a well-developed infrastructure, ATMs, restaurants, bars, spas and whatever else you might need in your life!)

20. Wifi and/or 3G (I’m sorry but as a millennial I refuse to live without it)

Life is SIMPLE here.

God, I am gonna be such a cheap date when I come back to Europe! We, people in the Western part of the world, are sooo spoilt.

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