Why Koh Lipe is the only island you need to visit?

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Morning in Koh Lipe

Honestly, if you are considering island hopping in Thailand and are disregarding this little island next to the Malaysian border then you are missing out BIG TIME. I spent 3  weeks hopping around the islands and Koh Lipe was the first island I visited and funnily enough, it set such high standards that none of the other islands managed to beat it. Koh Lipe had everything I love in life and even more, so if you are in Thailand do yourself a favour and spend AT LEAST a couple of days there. Why?

The beaches

Why everyone goes to Thailand? We all know. For those picturesque white sand beaches. The truth is not all islands are as beautiful as Google pictures make you believe. And some (*caugh caugh* Koh Phi Phi) have literally been ruined by tourism. I won’t lie Koh Lipe isn’t one of those uninhabited islands where you’ll have the beach all to yourself, however, it definitely has one of the most stunning beaches in Thailand (if not the whole world) and it’s not full of drunken 18 year olds. Win win! Honestly, it’s so picturesque that I didn’t even bother buying postcards and sending them to my family because my own pictures were much better than the ones they were selling!

The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets

Have I forgotten to mention that this 2km stretch island has 3 different beaches? And yes, you can visit them all in one day. Mornings at the sunrise beach, evening at the sunset beach and you also get a bonus – Pattaya beach. (In my opinion, the latter was the most beautiful one!). Also everything is within walking distance which we all know what that means… no scooter accidents and broken bones! Yay!

All the water sports and more

Yeah, I am still not done talking about the beaches because there’s so much more to do in Koh Lipe than just spend your days on the beach. Yep, all the water sports! I know they offer everything from scuba diving and snorkelling to night swimming with glowing planktons. We spent one of the afternoons paddle boarding and it was surreal. The water is so clear that you can go as far as you want from the shore and you will still be able to see fish and the corals underneath your board!

And if you don’t feel like water sports… I know there are a couple of yoga studios which do sunrise yoga! What else do you want in life?

All the seafood

Koh Lipe is a seafood heaven! It’s probably the freshest seafood I had in Thailand and also probably the cheapest. Majority of the restaurants let you pick which prawn (which are the size of your palm), octopus, lobster or any type of fish you want them to grill. I swear they were most likely caught the same day. And the best part is that it will approximately cost you 400Baht (£1.50).

All the massages

Let’s be realistic Thailand wouldn’t be Thailand without its Thai massages. I can’t comment on how good or bad they are compared to the rest of Thailand, though all I know that they are probably one the cheapest in the whole country.

All the nightlife

It’s a little bit weird how busy Koh Lipe becomes at night. It’s so serene and quiet during the day and once the sun goes down the streets fill up with tourists. And when I say the streets I mean the one and only – walking street. On the other hand, Koh Lipe is definitely not as busy as Koh Phi Phi or Koh Phangan. You won’t find loud clubs or Ping Pong shows (well at least no one approached us offering to go to one) or drunken teenagers. Though it offers a good selection of chilled bars which is all you need after a day of tanning, pampering and eating seafood.

Can someone take me back please?


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